Our Spring 2021 classes are over. Please stay turned for a new selection of Fall 2021 classes.
Classes – Spring 2021
DANIEL BIBLE STUDY with Norman Schrock
Go in depth into Daniel with this bible study class.
Learn how Daniel was able to trust God in circumstances that made no sense and how his life made a difference because of it.
Homework Level: Low-Med
Thursday nights at 7 online.
FIRE AND FAITHFULNESS with Tyler Weatherly
We live in a world that doesn’t care what God wants. Sure, they may not say it that way, but the messages that parade across social media declare that God’s way just isn’t worth it. But as Christians, we’re committed to following Jesus in every aspect of our lives.
Is it possible to live—or maybe even thrive—as a believer in our world today?
Homework Level: None
Sunday nights at 7 online.
FROM THE SIDEWALK TO THE LIVING ROOM – Inviting People Into God’s Family  with Pastor Philip
Jesus’ command to make disciples is our first priority, but often it feels difficult to keep. In this class we learn to connect with those around us, build relationships, share our faith and invite them to be part of God’s family. We will consider our part in the process and how we partner with God, His Spirit and His church. Come ready to learn, be challenged and grow. 
Homework Level: Medium
Sunday nights at 7.
GROW IN HOPE with Pastor Isaac
What even is the Bible? How do I understand it? What’s up with the Trinity?
 Grow in your love for God and the Bible as we learn about who God is and what he is like.
Homework Level: Low-Medium
Wednesday nights at 7 online.
When you focus on the word of God  it will change you. It will change the way you think, feel and see the world.
Join us on this very practical journey as we learn to meditate and memorize the Word of God.
Homework Level: Low
 Monday nights at 7 online.
Classes start the week of April 11-17 and end the first week of June after eight class sessions. 
All classes will be online by Zoom Meeting,