Nothing But The Blood

The Cross represents Atonement and Blood, the central point in our faith. God punishes sin because He is just. The right punishment fits not only the crime, but also the person who was wronged. The right punishment for sin against our holy God is infinitely high. Adam and Eve were kicked out of their perfect life in the Garden of Eden forever: spiritual death (cut off from God). But God showed His love by clothing them in animal skins when they felt brokenness and shame for the first time.
Reading between the lines, we see that from the start, bloodshed was required to cover over sin and its consequences. The many Old Testament rules involving animal sacrifice may sound gruesome to us, but show the severity of sin in God’s eyes. It also showed how God lovingly provided the atoning sacrifice for us, even back then.
In Leviticus 16:8-11, we learn about Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement). The Israelites sacrificed one goat to pay for the people’s sins, and released another goat who symbolically received these sins on himself. The required blood penalty was paid, and the people’s sins were no longer upon them.
All of this puts Jesus’ crucifixion in perspective. God provided Jesus, the ultimate sacrificial Lamb, the only one who could die in our place and take on the sins of the world. This restored our relationship with God forever – the exact opposite of being kicked out of the Garden.
Neither God’s holiness nor His forgiveness can be taken for granted. God’s forgiveness comes with a price: bloodshed. Therefore, God’s love poured out to us through Jesus is so amazing. Jesus didn’t just come to teach people. He came to die in our place, to restore us to full relationship with God forever.

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