Dear Parents
For the next 4 weeks are lessons include some fun experiments and activities. Each week we have included a craft and a challenge. If you would like to participate or try these activities at home, click here for a list of activities and supplies you will need. 

Lesson 1 – Friends stick together

You’ll need:

  • two pieces of paper for each child,
  • pens,
  • various stackable plastic containers,
  • paper plates,
  • at least two stackable plastic drinking glasses, and
  • at least 1 spray bottle of water
  • supplies to make Valentine cards for each Kid’s church classmates to bring to the Valentine exchange on Sunday Feb. 14 at the church between 1-1:30


Lesson 2 – David and the 23rd Psalm

You’ll need:

  • white printer paper
  • dark and light colored crayons
  • a large paper clip
  • some sticky notes
  • extra paper that can be crumbled into a ball
  • straw
  • umbrella ( optional)

Don’t forget to come to the church between 1-1:30 for the valentine exchange

AND to pick up your craft supplies for today’s lesson and the next 2 lessons



Lesson 3 – Jiggle, shake, quake

You’ll need:

  • a Bible,
  • two 9×12-inch aluminum baking pans,
  • four boxes of flavored gelatin,
  • two cups,
  • marshmallows, and
  • a box of toothpicks.

The Experiment

Prepare two pans of flavored gelatin (use two boxes for each pan). Chill the pans of flavored gelatin overnight.


Lesson 4 – Blowin’ in the Wind

You’ll need:

  • a Bible;
  • newspaper;
  • a large, clear glass bowl of water;
  • a small toy boat that will float in the bowl;
  • talcum; and
  • towels (optional).

The Experiment

Spread newspaper or towels over a table or on the floor. Place the bowl of water on the newspaper.


Don’t forget to meet at church between 1-1:30 on Sunday Feb. 14th for a Valentine exchange and to pick up craft supplies for these lessons.

( We are following the provincial guidelines as laid out for teachers in their classrooms, for the Valentine card exchange)