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Dale Albertson- Apologetics in Action 
Sunday Night 7-8pm
Do you find yourself unsure how to answer questions from unbelieving people in your life? Do you feel drawn to God but unsure about some things? In this class we’ll learn how apologetics can give satisfying answers to the most difficult questions about Christian beliefs. We’ll start with the basics and then learn from some of the best apologists of our time as they field difficult questions on current hot topics. We have the tools, let’s learn them and use them to help others see that Christianity is reasonable, rational and desirable.
Jen Coombes – Philippians with Jo Saxon.
Monday Night 7-8pm
The life Jesus invites us into when we follow him is one of sacrifice. But does sacrificial living mean the Christian life should be riddled with sorrow? Paul answers that question in his letter to the Philippians with a resounding no. Paul, and the Philippians with him, lived joyfully in the midst of persecution, prison, and poverty.


Norman Schrock – How To Live In These Days
Wednesday Night 7-8
A Study In Hebrews Chapter 10
The world seems to have gone crazy. Jesus is our anchor in the midst of the chaos. Join this in depth study of Hebrews 10 and learn how to live with Christ in the midst of chaos.


Pastor Isaac – Continue the Conversation
Wednesday Nights 7-8pm

This fall we are diving into Controversial Conversations on Sunday mornings. Learn more, ask questions and talk it out in this DROP-IN class, Continue The Conversation. You are welcome every week or just when you want.