Face The Fact – There’s Nowhere Else To Go

Are Christians hiding from reality?
Or are they the only ones really facing it?
This Sunday, my good friend Tyler Weatherly will be teaching about everything Jesus friends and students said about him in the book of John.
They said all kinds of grand things about him. They called him the Son of God, the Messiah, the Saviour of the world… But there is one very plain statement about him that has always stood out to me.
In chapter 6 John describes what happened the day that Jesus fed more than ten thousand people with just a few dinner rolls. After the miracle, the crowds came and tried to force Jesus to start a political movement. He headed off into the mountains to pray. The next day they come looking for him. When they do, he launches into a sermon that seems like it was designed to offend them and get them to leave. He tells them he is bread from heaven. He tells them they have to eat his flesh and drink his blood or they will die. The crowds are unsure what he is even talking about. Is it a metaphor? A metaphor for what? Public opinion turns against him and everyone starts to leave, many of them frustrated and mad. There is immense social pressure to ditch Jesus and tons of people did, even those who had followed him a long time.
In that situation, in that moment, Jesus looks at the Twelve, his closest friends most committed team members. What was he feeling in that moment? Son of God or not, it doesn’t feel good to have everyone against you and those you love desert you. He asks the twelve if they are also going to leave.
Peter responds “Lord, there is no one else that we can go to! Your words give eternal life.” There is nowhere else to go! Everyone is leaving you, but where are they going? Back home? Back to their distractions? Back to their families and problems? We are looking for a REAL solution to the disastrous conditions of this life. Right now, staying with you is insanely hard. We want to leave because this sucks. But where else would we go? We know that every other ‘solution’ fails. We are staying with you because you are the only option.
Everywhere you look in this world is someone offering a solution to human problems. Some of them are quick fix. Some of them are backed by science. Some of them are very popular. They all fail. They aren’t all bad, but none of these solutions really solve the deep problems of this life and human existence. Peter saw that Jesus could. He watched him do it. Once you’ve seen the real thing, how can you go back to faking it?

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