Church Works

I began our new series, Church Works, with some disturbing statistics about the unmistakable increase in depression, anxiety, and suicide globally over the past decade. But regular church attendance correlates to unmistakably better results in this area. Note that in the study I quoted, “regular church attendance” meant at least once a week – suggesting weekly Sunday service at a minimum, plus maybe a mid-week commitment such as Bible study, small group, etc. as well. In other words, these people aren’t on the fringe. Read more on those statistics here.
It shouldn’t be surprising that coming to church can benefit your mental health and lifespan, You’re less likely to despair if you know the truth and hope of Jesus. You’re less likely to be lonely and stuck if you are part of healthy church family who knows and loves you. We still go through suffering, but doing so within church is infinitely better.
But we don’t go to church just to improve our health. The main goal of church is to reunite you with God and help you grow closer to Him. Church works, because it’s part of God’s overall plan to save the world. Active church involvement gives your life meaning and purpose, not just because of what you receive, but also because of what God can do through you.
Look at Jesus’ two “great” quotes:
1. The Great Commandment (Matthew 22:34-40) – in which He tells us that everything God commands of us can be summed up by: loving God with all we have, and loving our neighbour as ourselves
2. The Great Commission (Matthew 28:17-20) – in which He tells us to be part of His bigger mission and purpose, and promises to be with us in the process.
  • Lots of good Scripture this week. If you look up Ephesians 2:4-10 and 3:10-11, and Romans 12:3-8, you’ll realize the following:
  • We were created by God in Christ Jesus to do good works which He has prepared beforehand.
    God will use the church to display His power and wisdom in the spiritual realm, not just the earthly one.
  • It’s ultimately not about you. You are part of the church body which He has empowered with a purpose. Be fulfilled with this knowledge, have confidence in it, and get to it.
What is our part? During this series, we’ll be looking closer at what God is asking us to do in: Fellowship, Worship, Service, Giving, Character, and Evangelism. Stay tuned and be prepared to grow and act!
Action Items For This Week:
1. Read the scripture passages quoted above. Do you feel personally connected to our CoH church family, its people and purpose? What could you do to move forward here?

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