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A Small Church With Tons of Money

Photo by Mufid Majnun on Unsplash
Small churches are chronically short of cash. They struggle to pay their small staff, often just a single pastor who is underpaid. They struggle to pay the bills, much less find money to improve and grow. They struggle to reach out beyond themselves, because its hard enough to maintain what they have.
The point of this post is simple. What would small church finances look like if everyone gave ten percent? How many staff could be supported? How much could be allocated for improvements in ministry and outreach? How much could be given away to people in need? The answer is astonishing.
It’s no use talking theoretically, so let’s use Community of Hope in Surrey BC. For this article we will simplify the numbers a bit, but these are real numbers.
We have an average attendance of 130. That counts everyone, kids church and online included. The online portion is a conservative estimate, so it’s likely to be accurate. The average household size in our church is 2.41 people. So, we are talking about 54 households.
Next, how much money do those households earn? That’s hard to say for any particular household, but the current statistics from the government list the median household income in our region at 90k per year. Now, lets assume our church is 20% poorer than the median, just so we don’t overestimate our potential giving. That would put the average household at 70k income per year.
So, what is the budget if every household gave ten percent? You want to do the math or should I? If every household gave ten percent, yearly church giving in this small church, 20% poorer than average, would be $378,000. Think about that for a minute. What could you accomplish with that money?
Here’s a quick vision of what a small church could do with that ten percent. They could fund two full time staff positions, or the equivalent spread over several part-time positions. They could give away ten percent themselves, which would be $38,000, toward people in need, missionaries, struggling churches, etc. They could pay all their regular bills necessary for Sunday worship, kids programs, youth programs, outreach, AND put $20,000 or more into improvements every year. They could do all that and still be able to stock away $100,000 a year into a building fund or other special project!
Now, if that’s not crazy enough to think about, consider this. What would happen to a small church that was able to do the things listed in the paragraph above. Well, I think it’s obvious that such a church would grow, in almost any place in North America.
Money is NOT the only thing that is needed for a good church. Not by a long way. But money is often one of the things holding a good church back from expanding and improving. The crazy thing to think about is that the money is there. God has already provided it. Do we have enough faith to let it go?

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