Classes start on April 28th at 8:45a.m
Financial Peace University Taught by Gord Klassen
Finances seem hopeless? Come regain your hope with powerful, biblical teaching on how to deal with money.
A Biblical and Practical Framework for Global Missions by Dale Albertson
What does the Great Commission look like today? What is your part in God’s work around the world? Learn from Paul, the first missionary, and from modern Global Missions.
Book of Acts with Norman Schrock
Come study the end of the book of Acts and how God began to spread the message of Jesus to the world. He’s still doing it today!  This class IS open to new members.
Grow In Hope: Bible Basics taught by Pastor Isaac
What are the basic teachings of the Bible anyway? Come learn or refresh your knowledge of the truth
Prayer – a Youth Class Taught by Tyler Weatherly
Is God just a magic genie in heaven who gives me what I want? Does God want to hear from me? Why doesn’t God always answer my prayers? Come find out what the Bible says.