Wouldn’t it be nice sometimes if you could choose your family? Well, when it comes to church, you can! If you are new to Community of Hope, we sincerely wish for you to feel welcome in our family, as we seek to follow God together.
If you are new to Christianity, you will want to learn more about our beliefs, the Bible, and most importantly, how it applies to you. You may want to join one of our classes, or get to know someone who can encourage and mentor you in your faith journey. If you are considering joining us from another church, do pray first for God’s direction and affirmation over such an important decision. For example, you may feel led to Community of Hope to grow more in your faith, or to serve in a way that matches your gifts and passions with our needs.
But regardless of who you are or why you have come, we hope you will get to know us! Please check the “Get Involved” sections from the top menu of our website to learn about many of the things we do. We also offer classes for those who wish to be baptized and/or become members of Community of Hope. We are always happy to receive new members into our family, and wish to encourage you as best we can if you decide to take this step. Please feel free to talk to any church leader, or leave your information with us on a Sunday morning.