2017 Spring Adult Classes
starting April/May, 2017

Classes are from 8:45-9:45am at the church, before Sunday Service.

Using our minds to think, study, and grow is an essential part of following Jesus. It is also really fun. What a great opportunity we have to grow and strengthen our walk with the Lord together. At Community of Hope, we offer classes each term to suit a variety of needs and interests. How does God want you to grow?
Here are the classes being held this term. There may be one just for you!
Renovation of the Heart – Pastor Isaac Whiting
How does a human being actually change and become better on the inside? Why do I struggle with the same things, making little or no progress, for  years? 
Does Jesus give us a way to grow and become better people that actually works? If so, what is that way?
Renovation of the Heart is a deep, yet understandable book aimed at changing they way you think about yourself and God. The author, Dallas Willard, was ont he deepest Christian thinkers of the last 50 years and a Professor of Philosophy at USC. This class is for anyone, but it will require reading a lot of thinking.
Serve in Hope – Normal Schrock
The first section with challenge you in regard to your Time & Talent and Spiritual Gifts. In it,k you will complete a Ministry Profile which will give you a clearer picture of how God uniquely created you for ministry.
Grow in Hope – Pastor Jason Strain
(Continued from Winter Term, going forward with the same participants) Have you given your life to Christ, but wish you knew the basic teachings of the Bible better? The Grow in Hope class will help you grow deeper in your knowledge of God, His Word and the basic teachings of the Christian faith. Come grow deeper with us!
Suffering and Being Happy About It – Russell Greenhow
(for Youth Guys – Grades 7-12)
For our youth guys, Russell will be leading a study of the obok of 1 Peter. Being a teenager is hard. Becoming an adult is hard. God has allowed suffering so that we can grow and become what we were made to be.
Believing God – Gail Klassen
(for Youth Girls – Grades 7-12)
For our youth girls, Gail will continue a series on Believing God. Is God real? Can His promises be trusted? Yes and yes. Don’t miss this chance to grow deeper with God and with each other.